Do you know the difference between your brand image and brand identity?

Your brand image is what comes up when people see your brand. Your brand identity gives people a foundation of information about your company.

The two areas of your business need a different intensive focus to ensure they're effective. For example, you need to consider both identity and image for your website and products.

However, their function is similar, so defining the differences is essential to your business. Read on to find out the difference between brand image vs brand identity.

What is Brand Image? 

Brand image and brand identity are both important when it comes to defining a business. Brand identity is how a company sees itself. Brand image is how customers and stakeholders perceive the company. 

They have a connection but are not the same. Brand identity is a brand's core that includes its mission, values, and promise and should reflect the purpose and direction of the business. 

Brand image is the outward-facing representation of the brand. It includes visual elements such as logos, colors, fonts, and other aspects like reputation, quality, and customer service.

Thus, brand identity serves as the foundation for the brand. It differentiates it from competitors.

Then, you build the brand image on top of this foundation to create the brand experience for customers. Maintaining the brand identity and image is essential to ensure that customers and stakeholders support favorable opinions of the company and its offerings.

The Benefits of a Strong Brand Identity

The Benefits of a Strong Brand Identity are immense. A successful Brand Identity will help customers remember and keep the brand top-of-mind, which can increase loyalty and sales. It also helps with differentiation in the crowded marketplace and uses it to increase the brand's visibility and equity.

A great Brand Identity also allows customers a stronger connection to the brand. It leads to more positive experiences and emotion-based advertising. Investing in a strong Brand Identity will bring rewards for years to come.

Boosting Brand Image and Awareness

In answering the question of how to boost brand awareness, businesses need to focus on building a comprehensive marketing plan. It includes both online and offline advertising tactics.

Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is an effective way to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness. Additionally, businesses should strive to create meaningful content and visuals, host events, and develop partnerships to increase the visibility of their companies.

Follow This Guide in Choosing Between Brand Image vs Brand Identity

Brand Image vs Brand Identity is a different but intertwined element of a successful brand. The former is how the brand is perceived, while the latter is how it presents itself.

Recognizing the differences between the two and balancing them is essential for long-term success. To learn more about successful brand building, contact our experts today.

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