Clocks have been around for hundreds of years now. In fact, one of the very first clocks dates all the way back to the late 900s.

Because they've been around for so long, there are all different types of clocks that have popped up over the years. You'll have more than a few clock options when you're in the market for one for your home.

If you're interested in buying a new clock, we're going to run through some of the various clock styles you can purchase. Check them out below and decide which home clock you would like to buy.

Wall Clock

The wall clock has become a staple in most American homes. Wall clocks are analog clocks that have numbers around the outside of them with two hands that are used to tell what time it is.

You can find everything from basic wall clocks that aren't very fancy at all to decorative wall clocks that will help enhance the interior design of your home. Most of them are battery-powered and will continue to work at all times.

Just be aware that you may need to replace some of the parts in wall clocks from time to time. You can pick up clock parts wholesale to keep them ticking.

Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks aren't quite as popular in this country as they used to be. But you will still find them in some homes that have more traditional interior designs.

Grandfather clocks are freestanding clocks that tend to be on the taller and larger side. They also have mechanisms in them that make sounds at least every hour and sometimes every half- or even quarter-hour.

Grandfather clocks can be on the pricier side compared to most other types of clocks. But they last for a very long time and often turn into family heirlooms.

Digital Clock

Although you'll still find analog clocks in about 70% of American homes, they aren't in as many homes as they used to be in. This is largely because digital clocks have come along and stolen some of their thunder.

Digital clocks are easier to read than analog clocks. They've also become more decorative than they once were, which has helped people incorporate them into their homes with ease.

Mix and Match Different Types of Clocks Within Your Home

There is no rule saying you can only have one of these types of clocks in your home at a time. You're free to mix and match which kinds of clocks you have to keep things interesting in your house.

You should consider each of the different clock options listed here when you're in the market for one. You should also shop around for other clock styles that might work well in your home. You're bound to find clocks that you'll love to hang up and strategically position throughout your house.

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